Reasons Why You Need Credit Monitoring

Credit: loved and hated simultaneously by people all over the world. Seemingly there for you when you need it, then chasing you from behind when you don’t. While many people practice daily diligence in keeping track of their use of credit and related ratings, the majority of us cast a less keen eye on our [...]

How to Use Credit Cards Without Going Into Debt

High credit card balances can completely complicate your personal finances. It’s harder to qualify for loans with high balances, and high debts generally equal higher interest rates. You might avoid debt altogether and adopt a “cash is king” motto. While this is good advice to live by, it pays to have a few credit accounts. [...]

The Bad Bad World Of Credit Card Frauds

Credit card fraud All technology has its downsides. The greed of man drives him to look for a way to use technology for vested interests. Cards, which make payments so convenient, have also made millions for unscrupulous elements who have found loopholes to use to their own personal benefit. The simplest form of misuse is [...]

How to Become a Pro Credit Card Finder

In this day and age, credit cards and the no fax cash advance are more popular than ever. The former is obviously a better solution for a person’s financial needs though. Most people do not know how to efficiently search for these cards. Becoming a pro searcher is much easier than it sounds though. Basically, [...]

All You Need to Know About Micro Loans

As small to medium enterprises continue to struggle to makemoney in the tough economic climate, George Osbourne hasoffered a helping hand. The Chancellor of the Exchequer hasannounced that loans totalling 4bn will be used to helpstruggling businesses. With the aims to set up the European Financial StabilityFacility (EFSF) and later, a more permanent EuropeanStabilisation Mechanism [...]

Know the Gradual Steps to Recover Your Credit Score After Debt Settlement

Wondering how to recover your credit score after settlement? The credit repair process after debt settlement is much similar to recovering from some of your other major financial impediments, such as bankruptcy, foreclosure or car repossession. The essential key factors, which are required to improve your credit score, are sufficient money, time and effort, time [...]

Ten Terrific Ways to Save on Entertainment

If you are experiencing tough financial times, you need to find ways to save money.  Cutting back on entertainment is a great way to do so, because there will ALWAYS be cheaper alternatives.  However, it’s up to you to figure out how to both save money and still have fun. Here are ten ideas to [...]

How to Increase Property Value and Save Money

New homeowners often ask what they can do to increase the property value of their new home in an easy way. The surprising answer for many is to plant a tree! The great news is that as the tree matures, it will also help lower the cooling bills, as the tree will help keep direct [...]

How to Save Money on Credit Cards

Many people have a great deal of credit card debt. Credit cards and their fees are one of the biggest drains on an average American’s budget. Fortunately, there is a way to save money on high interest rates AND save money on credit card payments. Below are 4 tips to do so! 1. Negotiate Don’t [...]

The Ins and Outs of Filing for Bankruptcy in Ohio

Taking control of your debt is the first step you need to take to regain control over your life. If your debts are mounting with no end in sight, consider filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Each option offers a different way for you to restart your life and depending on your needs, filing for [...]